About us

Serious business. Sober approach. Clear solutions.

You have plans for a new tank installation or you want to expand or update your current installation. Then it is important that you keep a grip on the process and know exactly what is needed and what is not. With a (re) classification or expansion of your installation, the regulations from the permit apply, which often causes many headaches. You can't do that alone. What must an installation meet, what is the influence of new regulations such as PGS 31, should I be able to have my old installation re-inspected or (re) classify, how do I prevent my production or services from coming to a halt? Many questions, one answer: Van den Hout Installatie.

Always one step ahead.

What we do is design, install, maintain and (re) classify professional tank installations. The complexity is high, which is why we prefer a pragmatic approach. Our expert team is down to earth and knows exactly what is going on and what is strategically required for your organization. Now and in the future.

Van den Hout Installatie is affiliated with the Koninklijke Metaalunie and closely involved with branchevereniging VTI.

Van den Hout Installatie. For more than 70 years.

We take responsibility and ensure that business and regulations merge constructively. That vision has made us a recognized partner for more than 70 years for the chemical industry, industrial companies, water supply and treatment and sewage treatment companies, Agro, Feed & Food, transport companies and oil companies and traders, defense and (semi) governments.

Because you can't take a risk

If you work with (hazardous) liquids you know: it comes close. In other words: it must be exactly right. A tank is simply worthless without the correct installation. Van den Hout Installatie understands which transitions you can go through as a company and how you can respond to them in a smart way. We create total solutions for above and below ground tank installations.

  1. One point of contact during the process
  2. Professional expertise and practical know-how
  3. Strategic translation of Dutch regulations
  4. Structured approach
  5. Application of new inspection techniques
  6. Certified preferred partner

Core of our existence

Determining our leadership, our daily decisions and the pleasure we have in our work. Sounds so simple, but many companies get caught up in their policies over the years. We know where we come from and we remain true to that.

  1. Expertise
    highly qualified employees who understand the market
  2. Reliability
    we say what we do and do what we say
  3. Resilience
    a flexible attitude makes everything easier
  1. Continuity
    well-planned trajectory so that your company continues to flow
  2. Openness
    two-way communication and good consultation
  3. Safety
    no quick fixes but thoughtful solutions


Proven expertise.

We are a certified installer of above and below ground tank installations. In addition, Van den Hout Installatie is called in for (preventive) maintenance and testing of storage and distribution systems for (environmentally threatening) liquids. These services entail great responsibility. To prevent unsafe situations, everything has to be right down to the finest details.

Our expertise is guaranteed by internationally recognized quality certifications: BRL K903 & ISO 9001 and safety: VCA **. In addition to our many years of experience in practice, we are constantly deepening our knowledge of regulations, new inspection techniques and the technology of intelligent systems and installations.

Van den Hout Installatie is in possession of the following certifications: