Aboveground tankinstallations

Van den Hout-installatie is certified for the construction and maintenance of aboveground installations for the storage and distribution of all common (environmentally hazardous) liquids.

We have the necessary Kiwa BRL K903 approvals for the installation and maintenance of aboveground tank installations mentioned below:

  • Installation and maintenance of aboveground tankinstallations for PCS Class 3 - and PGS Class 4 products;
  • Installation and maintenance of aboveground tankinstallations for PGS Class 2 - products;
  • Installation and maintenance of aboveground tankinstallations for caustic (corrosive), harmful, irritant, toxic substances (chemicals).

The systems can be both (stainless) steel or plastic or a combination of both, and in single or double walled delivered and installed, according to legal requirements, customer-specific needs and depending of what kind of medium should be saved. The tank installations are generally not pressurised, but can also be carried out by means of a so-called pressure system. The complete supply and installation of lubricating oil, gear oil and finished (waste) oil installations, installations for cooling and/or wiper fluid with associated garage equipment, is also one of our program deliveries.

For the above-ground storage in (certified) (tank) installations, you can also think of the following liquids: styrene, polyester resin, methylene chloride, DMSO, estasol, emultex, various acids and alkalis, aluminum chloride, ferric chloride and ferric sulfate, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, chlorine, hexane, condensate, heptane, (bio-) ethanol and methanol, tetrathydrothiofeen, methyl ethyl ketone, mineral spirits, solvent, windscreen washer anti-freeze, ethanol solutions, waste oil, glycol, brake fluid, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, nitric acid, NaCl, urea, ammonia and various other acids, alkalis and other liquids, etc.

In certain situations it may occure that a (whole) standard aerial refueling system according to the PGS 30 and BRL K903, wil not be (entirely) applicable. In this case we provide, if desired, the program of changes and consultation with Kiwa and the licensing authority, so that the installation can still be installed with a (Kiwa) certificate. Also, in the design phase, we will take into account the other laws and regulations, such as ATEX and the Pressure Equipment Directive. For periodic maintenance, 10 - or 15-year reclassifications according to the KC111 guidline and rehabilitation of existing aboveground tank installations confirming BRL K904, vd Hout-Installatie will also be the preferred partner. The relevant guidelines and regulations that apply can be downloaded at this website.